Lisbon City Hall launches rehabilitation program “Rehabilitate First and Pay Later

The Rehabilitate First Pay Later Program, launched by the Lisbon City Hall, consists in the sale of vacant municipal buildings in Lisbon, with the obligation of the buyer to carry out rehabilitation works, and the payment of the price of the building to the Municipality can be made after the rehabilitation works are completed. Under […]

Awarded the project of Requalification of the Borralho Family Palace

Concepsys was the selected firm to develop the rehabilitation project of the Borralho Family Palace, located in Cuba, Alentejo. This project, which will be developed within the scope of an application to PRODER, presupposes the conversion of the current family building and its annexed buildings into a house-museum. The Palacete Borralho is an exceptional building […]

Remodeling work on mini-market in Alcochete concluded

The remodelling work of the Campino mini-market, in Alcochete, is concluded. The project developed by Concepsys consists of the remodeling of a small neighborhood mini-market (50 m2). In addition to an updated look and more efficient organization, the mini-market now includes a small coffee area.