Project Areas

Our architectural design office has experience and expertise in different project areas.

This varied specialisation is essential to generate innovation, even when we are dealing with very specific project typologies.

Nowadays concepts are more and more open and undefined. A cultural space can add a restoration function.

A housing project can have a tourist purpose. A senior residence can bundle tourism with health and wellness.

Notwithstanding our experience in specific project areas and the fact that we integrate highly specialised technicians into the team whenever the specificity of a project requires it, we approach projects with a broad and unprejudiced vision.

We create concepts and develop them until they become a reality…

We help you have customers who will always return, and more importantly, will refer your space after they visit.

We create and develop differentiating concepts that reinforce the visibility and strength of brands.

In housing, we develop quality solutions, with unique, functional and cozy spaces

We develop all the phases that will allow you to materialize a quality project, which transmits comfort and safety to the client and users of your establishment.

Our projects share a set of core values for sustainable development: coexistence and inclusion, economic development, and environmentally friendly design.

In rehabilitation the biggest challenge is often to ensure comfort and all the features of contemporary living without spoiling the identity and aesthetics of historic buildings.

Participation in competitions is a benchmarking tool that stimulates us to innovate and keeps us more competitive