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Concepsys developed the project to increase the response capacity of SAD Habicuidados, located in Aveiro, to a maximum of 100 users.

Published the Decree-Law No. 126-A/2021 that alters the legal regime of social support establishments. It establishes the prior communication for the operation of social responses.

Applications to the Pares 3.0 program are open from October 15 to November 30 with a budget allocation of 110,000,000 euros.

The process of expansion of the residential structure for the elderly, obtained a favorable opinion by the ISS to increase its capacity by two residents. Located in a historical area of Lisbon, the establishment now has a capacity of 26

The new Portaria n.º 67/2012 was published today in Diário da República (Official Gazette), defining the conditions of organization, operation and installation to which the residential structures for the elderly must obey. You can access the legislation here  

Ministerial Order 262/2011 was published today, establishing the new regulatory norms for the conditions of installation and operation of day care centers, regardless of whether they are private, private social solidarity institutions or equivalent. Concepsys has a very relevant experience