Throughout its activity Concepsys has been participating in different types of tenders: public, private, by prior qualification and design-build, among other modalities, normally reaching the top of the ranking tables.

Participation in competitions and consultations is a benchmarking tool that stimulates us to innovate and makes us more competitive.

Competitions are special situations that require us to create and develop the most appropriate and innovative proposals in very short periods of time. These allow us to test concepts, explore ideas, and formalize projects in different areas, but they also allow us to smooth out edges in work methodologies and team management.

Gaeiras - Óbidos
EP|N|A: 7000
3rd place

PE|I|A: Variable
1st Ranked

Praia - Santiago - Cape Verde
EP|N|A: 70
1st place

EP|R|A: 27300

Vale Ocreza Archaeological Park
EP|N|A: 9 ha

Municipal Swimming Pool
Vila Meã - Amarante
EP|N|A: 3780

EP|N|A: 1350
3rd place

EP|N|A: 3339
3rd place

C Consultation EP Preliminary Study L Licensing PE Project Execution O Work OC Completed Work N New Construction R Remodeling A Extension I Interior Design A :Area(m2) co-authorship