Office & Retail

We design your commercial or services spaces, enhancing their image and making your activity more efficient, profitable and productive.


We specialise in creating inspiring retail and commercial spaces that captivate customers, optimise operational efficiency and drive sales.

With an innovative approach and focus on customer experience, we offer interior design solutions that transform your business into a unique and memorable space:

  • Detailed analysis of customer and product flow to create optimised layouts and strategic displays.
  • Creating engaging and attractive environments that reflect your brand identity and encourage purchase.
  • Integration of visual merchandising strategies and product display design to maximise impact on sales.
  • Careful selection of furniture, lighting and materials that meet the specific needs of commerce and retail.
  • Expert advice on choosing durable and easy to maintain materials and finishes .
  • Use of BIM technology to simulate spaces and optimise the efficiency and functionality of the project.

Our retail and commercial space design projects are created with passion and dedication, with the aim of inspiring your business and making it stand out in the marketplace.

We work closely with you to create an exceptional retail space that offers a unique experience to your customers and drives the success of your business.

Office – Services

We specialise in creating functional, aesthetically pleasing and efficient environments for offices and services.

We understand the specific needs of your business and offer innovative solutions that optimise the available space, ensuring safety, comfort and productivity:

  • Analysis of activities and workflows to create functional and efficient environments.
  • Integration of technical projects, such as air-conditioning, security and networks, into interior design.
  • Innovative and flexible solutions that meet the different needs of business growth and organisation.
  • Selection of furniture and equipment, organisational consultancy and project management and turnkey projects.
  • Use of BIM technology to simulate spaces and determine the best conditions for lighting, climate control, acoustics and signage, among others.

Whatever the size of your project, we are committed to creating inspiring and functional workspaces that promote efficiency and success for your business.

Chiado - Lisbon
L|R|H: 110

Av. Guerra Junqueiro - Lisbon
OC|RI|A: 60

Carcavelos - Cascais
OC|R|A: 57

Ponta Delgada - Azores
L|R|A: 53

OC|R|A: 91

OC|R|A: 60

Arco do Cego - Lisbon
EP|I|A: 300

PE|I|A: Variable
1st Ranked

Edifício Infante - Expo - Lisbon
OC|I|A: 200 co: Arq. Daniel Maurício

Telheiras - Lisbon
OC|I|A: 185

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