Office & Retail

We help you make your spaces profitable, enhancing your image and making your activity more efficient and productive.

Commercial Spaces

In commerce, we create and develop differentiating concepts that reinforce the visibility and strength of brands.

The design, the lighting, the equipment, the furniture, are some of the determining aspects to appeal to the clients’ visit. And to their return!

However, we do not neglect the technical and functional aspects, essential for a good operation and profitability of the business.


In offices we start by understanding the various activities, their organizational structures, working methods, resources and needs. From there, we develop appropriate space organization proposals, optimizing the available space and resources.

We solve technical issues (air conditioning, security, networks, etc.) by integrating them into the architecture and design of the spaces.

We are used to designing innovative and flexible solutions that contemplate different situations of growth and organization of the companies themselves, ensuring the safety, comfort, and productivity of the work environments.

We are a real advantage to the customer. We select furniture and equipment, and provide solutions ranging from organizational consulting to project management and turnkey construction.

All projects are developed using BIM technology that allows us to simulate the spaces, facilitating the communication of the proposals with the clients, but also to rigorously study the best conditions for lighting, air conditioning, acoustics, and signage, among others, always aiming to determine the most efficient solutions.

Carcavelos - Cascais
OC|R|A: 57

Chiado - Lisbon
L|R|H: 110

OC|R|A: 91

Ponta Delgada - Azores
L|R|A: 53

Av. Guerra Junqueiro - Lisbon
OC|RI|A: 60

OC|R|A: 60

Arco do Cego - Lisbon
EP|I|A: 300

PE|I|A: Variable
1st Ranked

Edifício Infante - Expo - Lisbon
OC|I|A: 200 co: Arq. Daniel Maurício

Telheiras - Lisbon
OC|I|A: 185

C Consultation EP Preliminary Study L Licensing PE Project Execution O Work OC Completed Work N New Construction R Remodeling A Extension I Interior Design A :Area(m2) co-authorship