About Us

Concepsys was founded in 2002, emerging as the result of the work that architects Ana Bordalo da Rocha and António Frade Pina had been developing together since 1998

The posture of competence and responsibility that characterizes it has contributed to the success of the projects in which it is involved, strengthening the image of quality and seriousness that it enjoys and which is a strong source of pride for all those who daily contribute to the fulfillment of the established objectives.

Its mission is to develop the best projects and solutions for clients, through the creative combination of functionality, sustainability, culture, and art.

Our solutions are the result of a collaborative process among multidisciplinary professionals who research alternatives, share knowledge, and imagine new ways to solve challenges.

Nowadays, it is not enough to develop quality projects. It is necessary to do it within the agreed deadlines, within the planned budgets, and always with the understanding that each client has very specific needs and characteristics.

Concepsys provides its clients with the comfort of a centralized and personalized process through a single interlocutor and the same quality assurance throughout all phases of study, licensing, execution, promotion, marketing and maintenance of their investments.

Aware that the needs of clients often go beyond architectural projects, Concepsys has developed skills and partnerships that allow it to provide adequate and integrated responses to requests in the areas of design, urbanism and real estate, also providing consulting services, real estate evaluation and technical support.


Our core team manages and coordinates all projects.
Each project is properly planned and developed by architects, designers, engineers, and specialists with the appropriate training and skills.


In addition to the project area, we bring together a comprehensive range of competencies and solutions ranging from real estate appraisal to facility management.
You will have in us a single interlocutor for your different needs.


The use of the most advanced technological solutions, including the
methodology, allows us to study better solutions, create better, coordinate better, communicate better, with all stakeholders and with you.
Visit or contact us to show you how you can follow your project wherever it is located.


The viability of projects often depends on careful planning and good execution.
We are rigorous in monitoring and following up on the established goals.
Our actions are always aimed at creating value for you.


The design and construction phases can account for about 15% of the total investment in a building over its life cycle.
The design phases are the time when it is best to ensure the proper functioning and comfort in the use of buildings while reducing energy, maintenance, and management costs.


We are used to collaborating well with other technicians and forming larger project teams.
As local partners or process managers, we fit easily into the strategies and bring specific value to the projects


We are used to collaborating with partners in different parts of the globe*, subject to different rules and constraints.
The technology
we use allows us to work in real time with partners and customers, regardless of where they are located.

* USA, UK, Brazil, Cape Verde, Mozambique


We have a civil liability insurance policy that covers the risks of our activity. In 16 years of activity it has never been used.