Intervention on built work has been a recurring theme throughout Concepsys’ existence.

Our services often start by identifying and assessing the suitability of particular buildings for specific purposes, according to the client’s intentions.

In all cases it is important to conduct an analysis of the object of study, assessing its heritage, architectural and real estate value.

Having the notion of the risks of the rehabilitation area, we work with very controlled deadlines, always in harmony with our client.

Our mastery of the legislation and a rigorous and competent work methodology has been guaranteeing us efficiency in obtaining building and use permits, even in situations of particular patrimonial sensitivity.

Often in urban rehabilitation, the biggest challenge is to ensure comfort and all the features of contemporary living without spoiling the identity and aesthetics of historic buildings.

Cuba - Beja
OC|R|A: 510

Alvalade - Lisbon
OC|R|A: 400

Av. Almirante Gago Coutinho - Lisbon
EP|RA|A: 1500

Estoril - Cascais
PE|R|A: 370

Arco do Cego - Lisbon
OC|R|A: 150

Alto de S. João - Lisbon
OC|R|A: 125

EP|R|A: 27300

Camarate - Loures
C|R|A: 5450

Alameda - Lisbon
OC|R|A: 80

S. Filipe - Fogo - Cape Verde
OC|RA|A: 4015

Praia - Santiago - Cape Verde

Sancheira Pequena - Óbidos
OC|RA|A: 250

Amoreiras - Lisbon
PE|R|A: 920

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