Urban design

Our planning and design decisions are based on a thorough analysis of the existing conditions and context. This analysis goes beyond space and includes the economic, environmental, social and regulatory assessment underlying the type of intervention.

All our projects share a set of core values for sustainable development: coexistence and inclusion, economic development, and environmentally friendly design.

The individualized approach to each project is usually designed together with the stakeholders and adapted to the environmental constraints of each site.

In the project development we use advanced BIM technology that allows us to present our work through 3D simulations, supporting the licensing, execution, and promotion phases.

S. Filipe - Fogo - Cape Verde

Foz do Lizandro - Mafra

EP|R|A: 27300

Portalegre (under the Polis program)
EP|N|A: co: Arq. Luis Carvalho

Santa Maria - Sal - Cape Verde
L|N|A: 2.7 ha

Santa Maria - Sal - Cape Verde
EP|A: 2.6 ha

C Consultation EP Preliminary Study L Licensing PE Project Execution O Work OC Completed Work N New Construction R Remodeling A Extension I Interior Design A :Area(m2) co-authorship