Beach Management Plan

Santa Maria – Sal – Cape Verde

Concepsys developed a beach management plan in order to obtain a permit to exploit the beach in front of the Belorizonte and Novorizonte hotels on Sal Island, Cape Verde.

This area, integrated in the extension of sand from Santa Maria Beach, of relevant natural beauty, processes the transition and connection between the built-up area and the sea line, being of the greatest importance for all its users.

Objectives of the beach management plan:

  • Preservation of the sandy area from the point of view of its cleanliness and defense of the associated environment as a natural space;
  • Providing the means and conditions for the harmonious practice of the various activities that this environment provides;
  • Phasing out semi-definitive construction and the presence of non-recyclable or environmentally unadvisable materials;
  • Introduction of temporary and removable elements;
  • Organization of the sea front, endowed with specific areas with furniture and equipment to create individual shading and punctual containment of the predominant wind;
  • Creation of areas for public use, namely for the placement of sun hats and towels;
  • Definition of support areas for leisure and sports activities.


To the existing longitudinal paths, which run parallel to the sea, two transversal axes are introduced, each accessing a hotel, creating easy access to the beach.

In this way, the paths will be marked in such a way as to promote the access of beach users to the various spaces destined for leisure, sun exposure, bathing, etc.

The marking of these routes will be done by introducing wooden decking, signaling directions by affixing equipment, or limiting the routes with appropriate elements such as poles connected by cables, marking flags, directional and informational signs.

Thus, the conception of the elements to be implemented on the beach aims to create a unitary image of the whole and, in that sense, an organizing and identifying image of the whole area under study.

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