Whether in the design or complete rehabilitation of buildings, or in the remodeling of a simple apartment, housing is one of the most demanding project areas.

In the case of private housing, we create and develop concepts according to the clients’ characteristics and needs, ensuring unique, functional, and welcoming spaces. In collective housing, we develop quality, efficient, and differentiated solutions.

Rehabilitation is one of the areas in which Concepsys excels, often combining the ancient with the contemporary, highlighting the character of buildings and promoting affordable construction.

We develop all projects using BIM technology, which allows us to manage the projects and the works in an extremely efficient way. We identify and manage the problems in the project phase, making the works faster and less subject to unforeseen events, which are always costly in many ways.

This technology also allows us to produce visual elements of communication with clients, collaborators, licensing entities, and builders, and also serves as a basis for the promotion of the buildings, supporting the client in obtaining the desired financial return.

Praia - Santiago - Cape Verde
L|N|A: 345

Alvalade - Lisbon
OC|R|A: 400

Estoril - Cascais
PE|R|A: 370

Arco do Cego - Lisbon
OC|R|A: 150

Sta Engrácia - Lisbon
W|H|H: 210

Alto de S. João - Lisbon
OC|R|A: 125

S. João das Lampas - Sintra
OC|N|A: 120

Praia - Santiago - Cape Verde
OC|N|A: 250

Alameda - Lisbon
OC|R|A: 80

Sancheira Pequena - Óbidos
OC|RA|A: 250

C Consultation EP Preliminary Study L Licensing PE Project Execution O Work OC Completed Work N New Construction R Remodeling A Extension I Interior Design A :Area(m2) co-authorship