Home Support Service


This project concerns the implementation of a Home Support Service (SAD) in a commercial space previously licensed by Aveiro City Hall for commerce and services. This space is located in the parish of Glória, in Aveiro.

As no intervention is planned at the level of the façade or structural elements, under the terms defined by Law no. 60/2007 of the 4th of September, the work is exempt from previous licensing by the City Hall.

With a floor area of 91 m2, the SAD is set in a rectangular space with a glazed shop window in contact with the public road.

A response capacity for 40 users is foreseen, with the services defined by Normative Dispatch nº62/99 of 12th November. However, this space is exclusively for technical services, management, and service to the user, and there is no food preparation or clothes treatment here.

The internal distribution of the SAD takes into consideration compliance with the areas and characteristics established in the applicable legislation. From this, we highlight the Normative Dispatch nº62/99 of 12th November, for the licensing of Home Support Services and the DL 163/2006 of 8th August, which regulates accessibility.

The project foresees the application of the criteria defined for the brand based on a set of standards, developed by Concepsys, where a transversal corporate identity is applied to all the brand’s shops.

This was the first Home Support Service project developed for Habicuidados and licensed by I.S.S.