Borralho Palace

Cuba – Beja

The proposed intervention focuses on a group of buildings located in Cuba, Beja, which is part of a list of heritage to be classified as municipal value. The lot is located in an area classified as an old zone (Za) and in a special protection zone for classified heritage (Z.E.P.), given its proximity to the church of São Vicente.

It is set on a plot of about 952.5 m2, of approximately rectangular shape. The intervention associated with the group of buildings will be carried out in two distinct phases. In a second phase, a small museum center will be created in the palace building, with the theme of learning about the life, work, and times in which José Joaquim da Palma Borralho lived.

The first phase focuses on the rehabilitation of the warehouse building, garden, and outbuildings that will be adapted without altering the image and coherence of this historic complex. These buildings, which in a way are already part of the memory and collective history of the county’s inhabitants, will also start to serve the community, either in extension activities of the museum itself, or in autonomous social and cultural activities.

The warehouse building will have a physical therapy and rehabilitation center on the first floor and a space for cultural and social activities on the upper floor. The garden and its small buildings will support the functions deriving from the two main buildings, bringing to the municipality a new outdoor space with its own characteristics, associated with social and cultural activities.