Requalification of Cruz Di Papa Square

Praia – Santiago Island – Cape Verde

Inaugurated in 2007, the Pope’s Cross Square in the city of Praia offers the population a place for pilgrimage and meditation, as well as for leisure and conviviality. Its creation was primarily intended to honor Pope John Paul II, of whom a statue stands in the center. From here you also have a privileged view of the sea and the city’s beaches.

In the eastern part of the square, associated with the pre-existing toilet block, it is proposed to implement a snack bar type restaurant that will provide quality meals at a reduced cost. Its long shape creates a connecting path to the Pope’s statue and the outdoor amphitheater.
In a more central area, the small media library building is implanted, which will house a center for cultural activities to be developed in the enclosure. These will take place mainly in the space of the open-air amphitheater, where occasionally small musical performances, poetry recitations, film screenings, and others of interest will be organized as part of a cultural program. In this building, in addition to internet access and other audiovisual means, books will be made available, allowing users the possibility to enjoy and develop reading habits, in an environment that is propitious for this purpose. Complementarily, it will integrate a digital screen, which will allow the visualization of events and the disclosure of institutional information.

To the north of the square, in a place with easy access from the car and with a similar appearance to the media library building, there will be a kiosk selling newspapers and souvenirs related to the theme of the square, which will also complement the range of services provided.

Associated with the playground area, maintenance exercise equipment may be introduced, intended for use by older people. To the south of the square, between the esplanade and the amphitheater, lunettes will be placed that will allow you to better enjoy the view from this point.

In the square, additional street furniture will be introduced, (benches, paper bins, etc.) to meet the expected increase in use.