Salrei – Boavista – Cape Verde

The proposal is based on the construction of a hotel with approximately 100 rooms, to be erected on the grounds of a former canning industry. Occupying an excellent location, in the center of Sal-Rei and facing the sea, the intervention intends to make reference to the memory of the original building, namely through the replication of its volumetry and roofing system.

The proposed building is on three levels, occupying an implantation area of approximately 2880 m2. All the spaces are developed around a large interior patio, in which the hotel’s leisure areas are also located. The volumetry of the block is fragmented on the scale of the surrounding buildings, with the facades on the scale of the city, through the use of different materials, colors, and planes. The protruding ceramic tile roof connects all the volumes, in a clear allusion to the pre-existing Ultra factory.

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