Projetos de arquitetura
Projetos de arquitetura
architecture local partner

Concepsys works works with the English architecture firm IDL: Architecture as a local partner

Concepsys will be the local Portuguese partner of the English architecture firm IDL: Integrated Design Limited in the remodeling of several retail spaces that an important international retail brand owns in Portugal.

The first store, with approximately 350m2, located in Freeport in Alcochete will be subject to intervention as early as next August, with Concepsys locally managing aspects of design compatibility, specialties and licensing coordination as well as monitoring of the works.

IDL Architecture is an office with offices in London, Edinburgh and Prague, with an unrivaled reputation in the Retail, Catering and Commerce sectors.

By Concepsys - Arquitectos, Jul 1 2020

beer brand project in lisbon

Concepsys to design the new LisPoa craft beer space in Lisbon

Concepsys will design the new LisPoa craft beer space.

Located in Arroios, the most cosmopolitan parish in Lisbon, the new space of this brand will have a manufacturing area, bar and terrace.

It will be an informal gathering space allowing to watch the manufacturing process and appreciate the different flavors of this young and vibrant brand.

By Concepsys - Arquitectos, Jan 1 2020

restaurant design lisbon

A Coxinharia restaurant opens in Lisbon

Designed by Concepsys, the restaurant A Coxinharia, located in Alcântara - Lisbon, represents a sophisticated yet affordable gastronomic option based on the roots of traditional Brazilian cuisine.

With a wide range of traditional dishes, the restaurant is equipped with a complete and fully functional kitchen served by a smoke extraction system with electrostatic filters.

The public space was designed with a lounge, terrace and take-away area, which allows you to easily buy and take home the specialtys of this restaurant, the delicious "coxinhas".

By Concepsys - Arquitectos, Out 1 2019

elderly residential unit in Portugal

Capacity increase of Casa de Repouso Ambassador in Lisbon approved by ISS

The process for user capacity expansion for the elderly residential structure Casa de Repouso Embaixador, located in a historic area of ​​the city of Lisbon, obtained the approval of ISS (licensing entity) to increase its capacity in two users.

The process foresees the recovery of previously disabled interior spaces and general improvement in usability conditions.

Concepsys is an architecture firm specialized in projects in the area of ​​social action, having worked directly with the ISS as a consultant during the period form 2007 to 2009, by reinforcing that entity's capacity to respond to project approval and licensing on profitable private establishments.

By Concepsys - Arquitectos, Out 15 2019

House aereal view

Concepsys develops house remodeling project in Alvalade, Lisbon

The architectural project regarding the process of alteration of a house located in Alvalade neighborhood in Lisbon, obtained the Municipality approval.

Specialty projects have already been submitted to the Municipality and their approval will be the next step towards construction licensing.

By Concepsys - Arquitectos, Sep 12 2018

Interior view of the restaurant

Concepsys develops restaurant project in Alcântara area in ​​Lisbon

A new restaurant with it's very own specialties menu will soon be born in the Alcântara area of Lisbon, very close to the new CUF hospital.

With a relaxed atmosphere, affordable quality dining and terrace seating, this space will be the ideal spot for a quick lunch, a late-night hangout, or a relaxed early evening dinner.

Concepsys was responsible for interior design, coordination of specialty projects and monitoring of the construction works, which will start shortly.

By Concepsys - Arquitectos, Jul 10 2019

Buldings rendering image

Constructions works begins on two Residential and Commercial buildings in Angola

The construction works for two residential and commercial buildings located in Restinga, Lobito province of Angola have begun.

Concepsys was responsible for architectural projects and design as well as for the coordination of all specialty projects.

By Concepsys - Arquitectos, Jun 10 2019

Project in apartment patio

RFA of the smallest project ever developed by Concepsys obtains approval by Lisbon Municipality

The Request for Approval viability Information submitted to the Lisbon Municipality for the expansion of a 1 bedroom apartment (ground floor) received a favorable reply.

This project consists of an extension of 9m2 in an apartment located in the Avenidas Novas area in Lisbon and is the smallest project that Concepsys has ever developed.

This project shows that for Concepsys there are no too big or too small projects. Despite the reduced intervention area, the process implied the production of complex licensing process.

By Concepsys - Arquitectos, Out 12 2018

Embassy project materials

Construction of the new building of the Embassy and Consulate of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia licensed at the Lisbon Municipality

The construction permit for the new embassy and consulate building of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has been licensed by the Lisbon Municipality.

With the same previous location, ​​the new building will provide better services and representation conditions for that country in Portugal.

Organized in a single body in the center of the lot, the building occupies the maximum area legally allowed, the building dematerializes in several voids, in close relation to its surroundings. It has two separate functions: Embassy, ​​oriented to Restelo Avenue and Consular Section, oriented to Alcolena street.

The licensing of the architectural project was approved by both the municipality and IGPC.

By Concepsys - Arquitectos, Set 12 2018

Concepsys designs two housing and comercial buildings in Angola

Concepsys designs two residential and comercial buildings in Angola

Concepsys has been selected to develop the architectural and coordination projects for the specialties of two housing and retail buildings to be carried out in the Restinga area of ​​Lobito, Angola.

The two buildings, with an exceptional location on the beachfront of Restinga, will have a commercial ground floor and 4 floors with housing types ranging from T2 to T4.

Project coordination will be developed using the BIM working methodology, which aims to make the various specialties correctly compatible and to prevent design errors.

By Concepsys - Arquitectos, Sep 12 2018

Concepsys designs new hotel in Cabo Verde

Concepsys designs new hotel in Cabo Verde

Concepsys has developed a preliminary study of a hotel building in Praia, Cape Verde.

Equipped with 80 accommodation units with very flexible typologies, this hotel unit aims to respond to a higher quality tourism, business, cultural and leisure activities. Deployed at Quebra Canela, an area where several embassies and some of the major hotels in the city are located, the building has a privileged situation closely and overlooking the sea.

By Concepsys - Arquitectos, Sep 12 2016

Project for two hotels licensed at Parque das Nações area, in Lisbon

Project for two hotels licensed at Parque das Nações area, in Lisbon

Two hotel buildings from Executive and Eurostars chains with 3 and 5 stars respectively, have been licensed and are now being built at Parque das Nações in Lisbon.

The two hotels, representing an investment of over 30M euros were projected simultaneously with complementary services and will provide 231 three-star rooms and 187 rooms plus 2 suites in five-star accommodation.

The architectural projects result from a collaboration between the Portuguese architectural office Concepsys, as the local partner, with the Catalan architectural practice Capella Garcia, wich is also the author of the project of interior design. In addition to being a co-author on the architectural design, Concepsys is also responsible for delivering coordinated specialties projects. The two buildings with five floors below the ground, and respectively, fifteen and sixteen stories above the ground, are expected to be inaugurated in 2018.

By Concepsys - Arquitectos, Jul 20 2016

Concepsys wins the project competition for the new Saudi Arabia's Embassy project in Lisbon

Concepsys wins the project competition for the new Saudi Arabia's Embassy project in Lisbon

Concepsys won the design competition for the new Saudi Arabia Embassy, in Lisbon. The competition by invitation has had the participation of five portuguese architectural offices, five saudi arabia offices and one turkish architectural office. The winning project develops around a contemporary interpretation of common aspects of Portuguese and Saudi cultures. With an extremely demanding functional program, the new building will include the embassy and consulate.

By Concepsys - Arquitectos, May 27 2015

Concepsys invited to participate in the competition for the new Saudi Arabia Embassy project, in Lisbon

Concepsys invited to participate in the competition for the new Saudi Arabia Embassy project, in Lisbon

Concepsys was one of the five Portuguese Architectural offices invited to participate in the competition for the design of the new embassy, of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in Portugal.

By Concepsys - Arquitectos, Aug 15 2014

Preliminary licensing request, approved for the first rehabilitation phase of Borralho Palace

Preliminary licensing request, approved for the first rehabilitation phase of Borralho Palace

Preliminary information request, for the first rehabilitation phase of Borralho Palace, located in the village of Cuba, district of Beja, has been approved.

Under the Regulation of the Urban Plan of Cuba, the building is part of a Special Protection Zone to Classified Patrimony (ZEP). For this reason, besides the approval of the City Council of Cuba, it was also needed the approval of the Regional Cultural Direction of Alentejo.

Based on both approvals, the project aimed at the conversion of an historical building into a hose-museum - Casa Museu José Joaquim da Palma Borralho, is now in the PRODER candidacy assessment phase.

By Concepsys - Arquitectos, Jul 11 2013

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